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Take Your Ordinary to Extraordinary with DJ Doran

  October 19, 2016  |    #Live Fabulously

Why You Should Know DJ Doran

This week we’re excited to introduce you to DJ Doran, the CEO of a multimedia company that serves the queer community. The story of how we connected with this influential entrepreneur is interesting and an example of how there’s no luck. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity and action is taken.

During our first iteration of Queer Money™, DJ’s team reached out to us to bring Queer Money™ to his new internet radio station, KWIR Radio. KWIR Radio hadn’t yet launched, but after talks with DJ we agreed on the move. That partnership ultimately fizzled.

What did work out is a monthly column, also called Queer Money™, that the Debt Free Guys™ write for DJ’s newspaper, The Eagle. Better yet, we’ve established a rewarding and symbiotic relationship with someone who has the same passion and interest in serving the queer community as we do.


DJ shares his story of going from his Italian family in Brooklyn to flying planes for 23 years in the U.S. military and then becoming the CEO of a multimedia company.

DJ Doran is the publisher of the largest LGBT newspaper in the Midwest, The Eagle (formerly The Word), publisher of Gaycation and CEO of Rainbow Tourism in Australia and CEO and owner KWIR Radio an LGBT radio network and host of The DJ Doran Show.

DJ Doran Turns Obstacles into Opportunities

Despite having problems with his hearing, DJ shares how he became a pilot in the U.S. Reserves. After he retired from the reserves, DJ wasn’t sure what his next step would be until the critical moment when he overheard a conversation in a coffee shop.

DJ and his husband, Joe, have gone from rags to riches and rags to riches, again, and are on their fourth round of riches with their foray into media. We learn how they lived in Circus Circus in Las Vegas for $600 a month, how they fought a former Hell’s Angel over a sailing magazine and what it was like being in the military and coming out to his Italian Catholic mother.

DJ Doran is a story of how when you’re not winning you’re learning and how opportunities aren’t always dressed up in Manola Blahnik’s and gold lamé.

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The 5-step plan to pay off credit card debt faster and cheaper starts with this . . .