UPDATED: @Experian_US and Debt Free Guys #CreditChat

The Debt Free Guys are excited to have partnered with @Experian_US for their #CreditChat and Google Hangout on July 22nd to discuss “Back to School Shopping on a Budget”.

@Experian_US enjoyed our post 6 Money-Saving Tips for Back to School Shopping and asked us to join them as panel guests for this exciting #CreditChat event. If you’re dreading what the back to school shopping season will mean to your wallet, these resources are a great way of reducing and eliminating costs, yet keeping your kid stylish, prepared to learn and ready for a fun school year.

Debbie King was, also, a guest. With Debbie, Mike Delgado and Christina Roman, the @Experian_US #CreditChat hosts, we had a lively and fun discussion that covered how to plan for back to school shopping so as to not blow your budget, how to strategically get school supplies, textbooks and other necessities and how to shop for expensive sports and other after school activities.

Read the @Experian_US #CreditChat here. For some of the Twitter #CreditChat. Listen to the podcast on SoundCloud here. Watch below to see our Google+ Hangout.

This is a great way of learning how to be #DebtFree, #HaveFun and be #DFGmoneyconscious!

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  • Carolyn 23 / 07 / 2015 Reply

    Loved the interview. It was informative while also being entertaining. Keep up the good work.

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