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Experian and The Debt Free Guys™

  December 1, 2015  |    #Uncategorized

Experian and The Debt Free Guys™ Together Again

What’s more delectable than holiday cookies and expensive mulled wine? Experian and The Debt Free Guys™ talking about healthy and frugal holiday eats.

The Debt Free Guys™ are thrilled to be invited back for Experian’s #CreditChat and Blab.IM. This time, we’ll discuss healthy and frugal holiday eats to help fight the holiday bulge and financial deficit. That’s two benefits for the price of one hour!

The Details

• What: Healthy & Frugal Holiday Eats #CreditChat

• When: Wednesday, December 2, 2015 @ 3 PM EST / 1 PM MST.

• Where: Twitter and/or Blab.IM


The Debt Free Guys™ will be joined by the wonderful Michael Delgado, Social Media Community Manager at Experian, Rod Griffin, Experian’s Director of Public Education and Ben Edwards, Founder of MoneySmartLife. The Debt Free Guys™ are now old friends with Michael. He’s a great partner to help others become debt free. We met Rod at FinCon15 last September and he rocks. We can’t wait to meet Ben of MoneySmartLife.


Why should you join us? Because being fat and broke sucks. Fight the holiday hysteria and join us this Wednesday at 1 PM MST on either or both Twitter and/or Blab.IM! You want a successful 2016, don’t you? That will be more easily achieved with a successful end to your 2015.

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