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Enjoy the Journey As Much As the Destination

  April 4, 2016  |    #Live Fabulously

How to Enjoy the Journey More Than Just the Destination

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? It’s a question that not just kids ask. These days it seems that everyone is trying arrive. We all want to be somewhere. Somewhere other than where we are right now. Is there a way to enjoy the journey to our destination?

Anyone who practices yoga knows it provides a lot of life lessons. Can yoga help us achieve financial successes?

My yoga class yesterday was inspired by the journey and not the destination. My instructor had been thinking about when he lived in Oregon. He and a friend would hop a random bus to anywhere. They would, then, arbitrarily pick a stop to spend the day. They didn’t know where they would go or what they would do when they got there. It was a journey, an adventure without a focus on a destination. They were learning to enjoy their journey. The journey was a big part of their adventure.

He applied this to our class. We practiced basics, working on our foundation. Class was easier than usual because we didn’t push ourselves to get to the more advanced poses. We spent more time concentrating on how we felt going through Down Dog and basic sun salutations, even Child’s Pose. If we had enough time, we would’ve gotten to more advanced poses. It wasn’t about that, though.

My Inspiration

This inspiration for class made me think about people trying to get out of financial trouble, specifically credit card debt. Very often, credit card debt is accumulated because of people living beyond their means. It’s also true that credit card debt is accumulated because of an emergency, such as the loss of a job or a medical issue.

What about those who are prepared to and want to get out of debt regardless of how they acquired it? When we prepared to get out of debt, it seemed insurmountable – impossible even. At first, we wanted to make it go away as quickly as we could. We weren’t happy with our current circumstance and we knew it would be painful to change it.

Eventually we got into a groove and it was tolerable. Budgeting, planning grocery lists and weekly menus, packing lunches and cutting back on social activities started to feel okay. Then, it even became fun. We were learning to enjoy the journey to our debt free destination. It became a game to save more on groceries this week than last. We had friends over for game nights, movies or dinner more often. We stayed local, spending some weekends without getting into a car. We walked and biked a lot. We read. It was almost simple, fun. We learned a lot about ourselves when getting out of debt.

Unlike my yoga instructor and his bus journey, a plan is necessary to get out of debt. Figure out the goal, create a budget and a debt payment schedule. Once the foundation is established, focus on how to enjoy the journey, just like my yoga instructor. Enjoy the process. Doing this will make you more likely to achieve your goal and it won’t be so miserable until you do.


7 responses to “Enjoy the Journey As Much As the Destination

  1. This post really resonated with me. We are now ‘in the groove’ and have built similar habits and trying to enjoy the journey.

    1. Thanks for the comment. We are glad that you enjoyed the post. Doesn’t it feel good to “get in the groove?” What progress are you seeing since you have been able to? One of the things we love is, the feeling of knowing you are on the right track. It seems to put a smile on our faces and motivates us even more to work towards our goal.

  2. I often get so focused on reaching my financial independence goals that I probably sacrifice my happiness in the present in a lame attempt to get ahead only incrementally quicker. I need to remember to enjoy the journey and not just fantasize about the destination. I guarantee that my wife agrees 🙂

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