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How to Score $400 Drinking Money for Your Next Vacation

  July 3, 2017  |    #Make Money

Drinking Money

How would you like to score $400 drinking money for your next vacation? You can, and you can do it without changing any existing habits. All the money pros say to budget for retirement, budget for emergencies, budget to pay off debt. But, what about real world needs, like drinking money for your next vacation?

The Vacation Broken Record

We know what it’s like. You’re trying your hardest to live a financially responsible life and have a good life. You’ve got student loans. Ugh! You’re living in an urban core with high rent. All your friends are enjoying life, and you’re almost always in tow. You’ve been working your tush off for the past ten months, and you need a vacation. Maybe it’s San Fran or Ft. Lauderdale, Market Days in Chicago or a winter getaway to Puerto Vallarta.

You’ve booked and paid for your flight. You got a room on Mister B&B, and your card is paid off. The muscly UPS driver dropped off your round of Amazon buys – all purchased on your debit card – to make you look good on the beach and at the bars.

You jet and over the next seven days, you have a blast. You mix and mingle with the locals. You try out some hot spots a guy on Scruff tells you about. You do it up and do it right.

You get home and 30 days later IT arrives. You open your credit card statement and feel like Cher smacked you upside the head. You check and double check your transactions and slouch down in your couch with a bill that says, “Enjoy those ramen noodles for the next six weeks.” If only you’d saved $500 for food and drinking money.

It’s a story that’s repeated itself over and over, not only in our lives but in yours, too. Now we have a solution!

Chime is our newest affiliate. So, if you use this link to download Chime, we’ll get compensated. However, we only use affiliates that we know, use and love. That’s why you don’t see Google Ad Sense all over our blog.

Chime is an online bank account that uses the power of technology to help you save money.

Remove Thinking

The hardest part about saving money is doing it. You feel great on payday, but by the end of the pay period, it’s a bit stressful.

One of our mottos is ‘send it before you spend it.’ Chime helps you automatically save up to 10% of every paycheck in a Chime savings account. This account can be your Libations on Vacations account.

Then, using your Chime card, that looks just like a Visa debit card because it is, Chime lets you save money as you spend it. Every time you use your Chime card that’s tied to your Chime spending account to make a purchase or pay a bill, Chime rounds up the transaction to the nearest dollar and transfers the difference from your spending account to your savings account. If you use your card twice a day, on average, Chime estimates you will save about $400 a year.

Remove Stressing

If this sounds like we’re selling you a piece of land in Florida, this may change your thinking. Chime is a full-service FDIC-insured bank account through The Bankcorp Bank that offers both a spending account and a savings account.

If you think your drinking money will disappear into the ether, here’s some more info. You can keep track and manage both your Chime Spending Account and your Chime Savings Account from the Chime app on your smartphone. From the Chime app, you can get daily balance updates to make sure you’re saving enough drinking money for that next vacation. You’ll, also, have access to real-time transaction alerts, so you don’t have to actually talk on that smartphone to a customer service rep or wait for a statement via snail mail.

Chime, also, removes the annoyances of most banks. For example, Chime charges no monthly fees, minimum balance fees, foreign transactions fees or overdraft fees. You can access over 24,000 fee-free MoneyPass®ATMs and 30,000 cash-back locations.

As you’re used to, you can transfer money, pay bills, send checks and pay friends instantly.

Start Drinking

Once you follow the easy setup of your Chime bank account, let Chime automatically save you drinking money for your next vacation. This way you won’t put this spending on your credit card and add back everything you paid off.

Of course, you could also use Chime to help you budget for retirement, budget for emergencies or budget to pay off debt, but sometimes girls just want to have fun and going into debt to have a good time is no fun.

Remember to drink responsibly with your vacation drinking money, and that Chime is an affiliate of the Debt Free Guys™. It’s through affiliates like Chime that we can continue to bring you great content without pesky pop-up ads or offers for shit you don’t need.

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