Debt Free Guys Approved

We’re excited to introduce you to some awesome people. We say people because we’ve met the people who manage the products and companies you see on this page. We’ve met the creators and founders. In most cases, we’ve had drinks or coffee with them. We’ve talked about much more than their products and services and The Debt Free Guys. These are genuine people who, like us, are passionate about helping people get out of debt and achieve financial independence.

This list is short and sweet. It may get a little bigger over time, but our promise is to only recommend products and services that we know can help you. It’s not fair for us to talk about getting out of debt, give you our own tools to get out of debt and then market to you unrelated consumer goods or credit card offers.

We know that you’ll have a positive experience and achieve your financial goals if you use any of these companies appropriately. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about any of the products and services below, please contact us via our contact page.



payoffWe were referred to Payoff by a close friend. Our friend thought Payoff and The Debt Free Guys would be a great fit due to our mutual goals with helping people get out of and stay out of debt. We met with Payoff and quickly realized we love them. Not only does Payoff strive to help people pay off debt, with their Financial Personality Quiz they strive to help people understand why they got into debt in the first place. This way Payoff can make sure their clients don’t repeat the cycle. We often say understanding why we got into debt was as important as paying off our debt. For this and other reasons, we’re proud to recommend Payoff to The Debt Free Guys’ followers.

Click here to visit Payoff to check your rate for free and refinance your credit cards.

The Scholarship System

We were referred to The Scholarship System founder, Jocelyn Pearson, by our friend and mentor, Adam Carroll. In our opinion, you can’t beat a referral from such a trusted source! Since then, we’ve had lots of conversations with Jocelyn and sat through of her webinars. Jocelyn’s Scholarship System rocks! We believe in The Scholarship System so much we’ve been referring friends and family to it even before we established an affiliate relationship. The Scholarship System is designed to help students graduate college student loan free. That’s a huge goal at which The Scholarship System continues to succeed. The Scholarship System’s current goal is to save students $100,000,000. Let Jocelyn include you in that savings.

Click hear to learn how to go to college for free!


MvelopesWhen we paid of $51,000 in credit card debt we used actual envelopes to manage our money from pay check to pay check. Mvelopes put a modern, twist on this tried and true strategy. From your phone, Mvelopes gives you up to 25 envelopes to budget your spending. You can itemize transactions in real-time for easy tracking. There’s an easy envelope spending view and both net worth tracking and cash flow reports.

Go to, order your free debt analysis (because you should) and choose one of three Mvelope plans. Hint: the basic plan is free, but the premium packages are worth it.



 Despite the legalization for same-sex marriages, there are still unique financial nuances for the LGBT community. We know well how important it is to work with a financial advisor who understands these nuances.

GuideVine knows, too! We’ve talked with GuideVine’s founder & CEO and employees. They understand our considerations.They’re excited to help the LGBT community address those considerations by connecting us to LGBT Specialized Advisors from their network of pre-screened professionals.

Click here to learn more about GuideVine and set up a free, no obligation consultation today to find a LGBT Specialized Advisor near you.

Credit Repair

creditrepairWe met the people at Credit Repair in front of a coffee shop one morning and talked with them for over 50 minutes before we even got our morning coffee. That says something. Credit Repair is committed to helping their clients, our followers, repair their credit scores. A good credit score can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings over a lifetime. That savings can mean growth for your future rather than payment to banks. Let our friends at Credit Repair help you today.

Go to or call 1-844-346-3174 for a free credit summary and consultation.



We’ve had the pleasure of having more than our fair share of beers and BBQ with the creator and founder of FamZoo and have used his debit card and budgeting system for a while now. We believe that Cash is King and FamZoo brings that to the 21st century. FamZoo’s budgeting app/debit card combo is a great and easy tool to keep everyone in your household on your budget. The best part is that FamZoo is a great tool to teach your #MoneyConscious kids about money.

Click here and use the coupon code DEBTFREEGUYS for your one-month free trial of FamZoo. Like us, you become a client.

The Debt Free Guys have established an affiliate partnership with the companies we promote on This means we are compensated when you buy their products and services via Debt Free Guys. This lets us to have more time and money to spread our #livedebtfree, #havefun and #bemoneyconscious message. Participation is at will, but we’re happy to participate because we fully believe in these companies.