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Get the Debt Plan App to Pay Off Your Debt Fast

  March 2, 2015  |    #Tools

The Debt Plan App You Need

How fast can you pay off your debt? Use our favorite tool to pay off debt fast. Then, use the Debt Plan App to help pay it off faster. 

A pay off plan with the Debt Plan App

Chocolate and peanut butter. The moon and stars. Sonny & Cher. Some things just go together. Some things just go great together. Such is the Debt Lasso Calculator!

Debt Lasso Calculator that lets you see where you are with your debt and the speed at which you’ll pay off your debt with your current monthly payments. The Debt Plan App makes those calculations easier and helps you create a better budget to expedite your journey towards financial freedom.

There are three numbers the Debt Plan App uses. The first is your total debt balance. The second is your interest rate or A.P.R. The third is the payment you must make to actually pay your debt down and not just to pay the interest charges.

There are two methods the Debt Plan App uses to calculate the time it’ll take to pay off your debt, the Avalanche Method and the Snowball Method.

Too cool Debt Plan App features

The first of four cool Debt Plan App features is that it doesn’t assume that as your monthly minimum payments drop that you’ll drop the amount you pay monthly. The fastest way to pay off debt is to put as much money towards your debt without fail as possible.

The second cool thing about the Debt Plan App is its “Not Enough Funds” feature. Not Enough Funds tells you when you aren’t putting enough money towards your debt to EVER pay it off. This answers a common question.

Many people ‘service’ their debt by making minimum monthly payments. The Debt Plan App tells you how much money to put towards your balance each month to eventually become debt free. As you increase monthly payments, your payoff date moves closer to today.

The third cool feature is the Debt Plan App lets you factor in additional expenses. Say you decide to get a new phone or increase your cable package, the Debt Plan App calculates the effect these increases will have on your time horizon to become debt free.

Finally, the Debt Plan App assumes you’ll make payments in $10 increments. I really like this! You might think that you can only afford to put $64 a month towards your debt, but if you can squeeze a bit more out of your budget, you’ll be debt free sooner. Skipping a $6 trip to Starbucks is worth less stress.

A mighty pair

Download the Debt Plan App today. It’ll put your total debt and your timeline to become debt free into perspective. A financial plan is imperative to paying off debt. This app makes creating part of that plan easier.

Then, cut your interest rate and pay off your debt even faster.

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Ready to shed the emotional & financial burdens of debt?