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What’s Queer Money and Why Does It Matter?

  June 17, 2016  |    #Eliminate Debt

Queer Money and the Debt Free Guys

We’re a gay couple who talks, writes, podcasts, eat, sleeps, and drinks money and Queer Money™ is our podcast on which we talk about the financial nuances of the LGBTQ community.

Hear about what queer money is and why it matters:

Who are the Debt Free Guys?

At one point, we were financial fuck ups, while at the same time working for the number two financial services firm in the U.S. We were helping people manage their money when we weren’t managing our own. Then we had an a-ha moment! It changed our lives and our fortunes and are now debt free.

That is how we became the Debt Free Guys™.

Who’s David?

David was born in Germany and raised in Denver, CO. His money troubles started at age 21. David’s mother co-signed for a credit card to be used only for emergencies for a trip to the UK.

Did David ever saw the inside of a hospital or jail? No.

Did he return from the U.K. with a maxed-out credit card? Yes.

Ironically, David started a career in financial services even before graduating from college with a degree in International Business. He has worked in mutual funds, retail and advisory investing and with stock trading and 401(k) plans.

Who’s John?

Originally raised in Philadelphia, PA, John moved to Denver in 1999 where his problems with debt started. Despite having arrived with $5,000 cash in his pocket, within a year, he had $30,000 in credit card debt.

His inability to hold onto money must be why the universe pushed him towards financial services, too. John’s worked in both retail and advisory investing and holds an MBA and Series 7, 63, 9, 10, 66 and 24 licenses.

Who are David & John Auten-Schneider?

We met on a gay disco dance floor in Denver in 1999, probably listening to Deborah Cox. We weren’t club kids, per se. We were too old to qualify. We clubbed frequently enough that it was rare we paid to get in a club or wait in line.

When we met, we had $51,000 of combined credit card debt and were caught up in the gay cliché of living fabulous but being fabulously broke: the perfect house, fancy cars, name brand clothes and six-pack abs. We spent more time at the gym than on a budget. We were a match made in heaven, and neither of us had been to GAY . . . yet.

John had debt for seven years and David for 17 because we spent, saved and lived unconsciously. We haven’t done the math because math is hard, but we probably spent equal amounts of interest payments.

We’ve since paid off our debt and are now the Debt Free Guys and the hosts of the Queer Money® podcast. We combine our personal and professional experiences with money to help other LGBTQ people live fabulously, not fabulously broke through DebtFreeGuys.com, the Queer Money® podcast, public speaking, social media and our writing. Our work has appeared in Forbes, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Time, The Christian Science Monitor, Investopedia and more.

What is Queer Money®? 

We started Queer Money® because we noticed that after marriage equality passed, financial services firms and publications stopped talking about the unique concerns of the queer community. We want to fill that gap, so to speak and are doing so with Queer Money®.

The Queer Money® podcast is how we help the LGBTQ community thrive. Despite marriage equality, we haven’t yet achieved full equality. A pillar of a healthy queer community is financially secure queer individuals and allies. Queer Money® helps the queer community understand our unique financial needs, address those needs and meet successful queer leaders.

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