Why crisis-proof your finances?

If you truly want to go from anxious to confident with your money, the first step you must take is to crisis-proof your finances. 

That is why we created the 27-point crisis proofing your finances checklist. Download it now!

How do you do it?

You must take decisive action. We outline some of the best actions you can take right now in the checklist.

1. Take immediate protective measures

The checklist gives you 9 ways you can take immediate protective measures to help you get into the mindset of protecting yourself from a crisis. These steps include steps with banking, credit cards, shopping tricks & tools, mental health and helping others.

2. Trim your budget

After you implement immediate measures to protect yourself and your loved ones, it’s important to gain control of money outflows in a smart way.  We provide nine steps to trim your budget and save money right away to crisis-proof your finances even more.

These steps include taking action to save money on entertainment, utilities, insurance, dining out & groceries, even how much you have to send to credit card companies.

These nine steps combined could save you between $60 – $750 a month.

3. Make money

Once you’ve implemented the immediate, crisis-proofing steps above, then trimmed your budget to reduce your outflow of money, it’s time to figure out ways to make more money. Whether your hours have been reduced or you’ve been let go or furloughed, one or more of these nine steps below will help you make some extra bucks.

We provide you with 9 different ways to bring in some extra money. Some of these will add $5-10 a week while others pay up to $22 an hour.

Combined, these tips could yield you up to $1,000 a week.