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Meet the Credit Card Pay Off Heroes

  January 19, 2019  |    #Eliminate Debt

You read that right. We’ve got credit card pay off heroes!

You have credit card pay off heroes? Yep, we sure do.

Meet our credit card pay off heroes

You see, our goal at Debt Free Guys has always been to help our 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ community and allies become financially strong. Why? So, we can give back to our community and make it stronger. Supporting organizations and electing officials takes money.

Many of you know that John and I took just over two and a half years to pay off our debt. We assumed that for many it would be the same kind of journey.

Our goal is to help the course members create a plan and start paying off their debt.

But we didn’t expect this! We didn’t expect superstars and heroes to come out of our group. At least not this quickly.

We didn’t expect to start hearing success stories in the first few months, but BOOOM! Just like that, we do.

Adrianna and Rachelle paid off 30-40% of their credit card debt within the first 3 months!

Hear some credit card pay off heroes in their own words:

You see! That’s what a plan along with our step-by-step strategy has done for this couple.

Wouldn’t you love to have the excitement about being debt free that they have? I certainly would like you to have that.

I know you’re tired of the debt albatross. I had it for 17 painful years.

What if this is your year? What if 2019 is the year you are supposed to become debt free?

What if something amazing is waiting on the other side of your debt free line? What if the universe has big plans for you, but those plans won’t work until you’re debt free?

What would you give to get on that path?


Your credit card pay off hero’s journey

Now I get it. It’s the middle of January and the credit card bills from the holidays are starting to roll in. You’re probably starting to wonder how it happened.

Well, guess what? It doesn’t matter how it happened. That’s in the past. Let’s just move forward, look back on this holiday season fondly and make it the last that packs what feels like a five-finger credit card death punch.

Let’s get you on the same plan that our Credit Card Pay Off heroes are on.

Are you ready?

I know that I am.

I want more heroes like those two. You see they already told us that getting debt free is going to allow them to do more to help our 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ community.

Join them. Do it! Do it NOW!

To get you there, we’re giving some extra help. A $100 bonus. Just use code “DebtFree2019”

Let’s just say it’s a late Christmas gift from us to you.

Cheers to you becoming one of our next credit card pay off heroes!


P.S. You have an opportunity to join Rachelle and Adrianna, but only for the next 4 days. We want to tell your superhero money story too.

We believe that you can make 2019 your debt free year! #DebtFree2019

Remember, we want you there and that’s why we’re giving you an extra $100 off to make that happen.


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