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5 Essential Gay Couples Money Tips

  February 4, 2020  |    #Live Fabulously

Having the couples money talk

How soon should you have the couples money talk? We know that financial stress can have a negative impact on our relationships, while healthy money conversations can strengthen a couple’s connection—and even lead to better gay sex!

Hear the best ways to discuss couples money:

Talking money with your partner

On this episode of the Queer Money® podcast, we’re sharing the results of our poll in the Queer Money Facebook Group about when in the relationship couples should talk about money, offering our insight on why talking about finances is crucial for couples who cohabitate and what questions it’s okay to ask early on in a new relationship.

We walk you through our top 5 money tips for gay couples, explaining why it’s best to have the initial money conversation in public and how to work together on improving your credit scores. Listen in to hear the benefit of opening a joint account for shared expenses, teaming up on your finances with the Honeyfi app and setting mutual money goals as an LGBTQ couple!

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Topics covered on navigating money in your relationship

 How financial stress impacts our relationships

  • #1 reason why couples fight, #3 cause of divorce
  • Couples who talk about money have better sex

The Facebook group poll results

  • 82% suggest talking about money before moving in
  • 15% say before updating your Facebook status

How we disagree on the best time to talk about money

  • John agrees with the majority of poll respondents
  • David believes moving in together is too late

Our top five tips for gay couples to thrive financially

  1. Have the money conversation (ideally in public)
  2. Review and clean up your credit report
  3. Open a joint bank account for shared expenses
  4. Connect your joint account to the Honeyfi app
  5. Set one to three mutual money goals

Resources for talking about money

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Go from anxious to confident with your money. Crisis proof your finances here.