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What You Should Know about Coming Out at Work

  March 10, 2016  |    #Make Money

Coming out at work

On this episode of Queer Money™, we discuss if it’s financially wise to come out at work. The queer community has made a lot of progress over the last few years, but not all progress happens in tandem. We discuss the risks and rewards of coming out at work.

Hear everything you need about coming out at work:

Coming out at work guests

  • Jay Allen is the owner and principal of JL Allen Associates, which specializes in human resource consulting. Jay was formerly the Executive Vice President of Human Resources for Charles Schwab & Co. Jay was, also, Schwab’s Pride Employee Resource Group’s (ERG) Executive Sponsor.
  • Dave Montez is the Executive Director of One-Colorado, the leading advocacy group for Colorado’s LGBT community. Dave was the Chief of Staff at GLAAD in New York City and the Senior Program Officer for The Gill Foundation.

Coming out at work show notes

  • Only 22 states have sexual orientation anti-discrimination laws; only 19 include protections for transgender Americans
  • While obvious discrimination against queer individuals have dropped, soft-discrimination, such as being passed over for promotions, salary increases, etc., still exist
  • In the UK, the average gay, white male pays as much as $54,000 more (additional schooling, training, etc.) to keep up with their straight peers
  • Larger companies seem to progress faster than even most states on LGBT issues, but most people don’t work for large companies
  • Studies show that being discriminatory is not profitable for companies
  • Per a Goldman Sachs study, individuals who are comfortable being out at work are 15% more productive than those who aren’t
  • Queer members should research the anti-discrimination policy of a company to which they’re applying –look for state protections, LGBT ERG, openly queer leadership members
  • Studies show the more exposure people have to queer members, they more accepting they become

Coming out at work conclusion

  • We change the world when we’re ourselves in every aspect of life
  • Choose to not be a victim
  • Don’t become complacent; we must continue to vote and advocate for our best interest
  • Those of us fortunate to have employment protections must fight for our peers who don’t

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