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Come Even Further Out of the Closet

  April 5, 2017  |    #Make Money

Come Even Further Out of the Closet

If you only came out as queer, we’re asking you to step further out of the closet and show the world all you’ve got to give.

You thought when you came out as queer to your friends and family you were done? Um, no! You’re about as finished as Meryl Streep’s career, which is to say you’re not even close to your final act, which is to say you’re about as done with shocking people like Madonna, which is to say . . . you get the diva-inspired point! On this week’s Queer Money, we talk about how and why you need to take a few more steps out of that closet.


Why Step Further Out of the Closet

For lack of a better and lesser politicized term, the mainstream and gaystream media pigeonhole our community as only concerned about politics, pop culture, victimhood, and sex. We’re not saying we’re above wasting a good minute on Perez Hilton and we love sex, sex, sex as any man. It’s just that queer people are interested in so much more and we, therefore, have so much more to give.

We’re on a mission to build a financially strong queer community. Much of that rests on stopping ourselves from playing dress-up in our own lives, meaning financing our own lives and self-sabotaging our financial security. But, just as there are two sides to every face story, there are two sides to every balance sheet.

This is why we want you to skip, prance, flit, step, tippy-toe, or pirouette even further out of your walk-in closet.

How You Can Saunter Further Out of the Closet

To firm up the income side of your balance sheets and to advance our progress in acceptance, we want more queer peeps to talk more frequently and more loudly about our specialties and interests. We have no doubt that there are gay scientists, lesbian mathematicians, transgender teachers, asexual CEOs, non-binary agriculturists.

If we talked more about our skills and expertise in our industries and our sexual orientations and gender identities as only an aspect of ourselves, society would see us more for the value we add and less for what makes us different.

So, stroll, gait, tramp, parade, jaunt, hop, and schlepp further out of the closet and take your finances and our fight for equality further and faster than it is today.

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