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CinemaQ Is Queer Film in Denver

  July 14, 2016  |    #Live Fabulously


On this episode of Queer Money™, we talk with Patrick O’Brien, the Director of Development for the Denver Film Society. The Denver Film Society shows its films at the Sie Film Center in Denver CO. From July 21 through July 24, The Denver Film Society and the Sie Film Center will be hosting its annual CinemaQ Film Festival, Denver’s only LGBTQ film festival.

We have been a part of the CinemaQ Film Festival off and on over the years and are happy to share that we are sponsoring this year’s CinemaQ Featured Films Shorts Package on Saturday, July 23 at 4:30 pm MT. To get a sneak peek at some of what will be shown in the shorts package, watch or listen to last week’s Queer Money™ on which we interviewed shorts film director Reid Waterer. Immediately after the shorts package is played, Reid will be a part of a panel discussion to talk about his film, Bed Buddies, specifically and making short films in general.

Watch or listen to this and all the Queer Money™ episodes here.

Queer Cinema

Patrick shares his insights on the importance of queer cinema. Because queer films have historically been independent films, they’ve shown the depth and broadness of the queer community, which is benefiting the fight for equality that we’re experiencing today. Because of the acceptance of diversity, traditional films and television are adopting that same depth and broadness in their storytelling.

The returning sponsorships and audience growth year over year for the CinemaQ Film Festival speaks to the positive impact of this annual festival. We talk with Patrick about the impact traditional and queer films had on our lives and their importance for the ongoing cause.

Denver Film Society

The Denver Film Society is a non-profit.  Because of their value its regular screenings and variety of film festivals from the French Film Festival to the Sci-Fi Film Festival to Women in Film Festival, we urge our Denver followers to support the Denver Film Society at the Sie Film Center.

If you’re in Denver from July 21 through July 24, join us for some or all of the festival. It’s always a lot of fun and you won’t be disappointed.

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