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5 Super Simple Ways to Change Your Life

  October 23, 2017  |    #Live Fabulously

Daily habits to change your life

Are you tired of getting excited about a new diet or financial plan only to end up with the same results? These are often the results of trying to change what’s on the outside and not what’s on the inside. This ridiculously helpful Living Fabulous Journal will change your life inside and out.

Change your life in five steps a day

To change your life, you must change on the inside and not necessarily on the outside. That’s why 80% of professional football players end up broke and why 70% of lottery jackpot winners file for bankruptcy. Both think that making it big is the answer to all their hopes and dreams.

For most people, it’s not hard making money; it’s hard keeping money.

Like many in the LGBTQ community, we struggled with limiting beliefs. We’ve struggled thinking that we’re not worth it, we don’t deserve it or we haven’t earned it.

Before you continue, get your FREE copy of the Living Fabulously Daily Journal here. It’ll be easier to read along with a reference. It’s your step-by-step guide to change your life with the same exercises we practice today and every day.

1. Meditate daily to change your life

Tim Ferriss of The 4-Hour Workweek once said that there are two habits every successful person does. They meditate and journal. A great boss of mine once said, “Find out what successful people do, and do that.” So, here you go.

Our alarm goes off 4:00 am daily (it used to be 4:35, but we recently changed it to give you more of the good stuff). We get up immediately, make warm lemon water with ginger, cayenne and turmeric, and then meditate for between eight to 20 minutes. Aside from making our lemon water, meditating is the first thing we do every single day.

Meditating will change your life for two reasons. First, it’ll give you space for calm. Regardless of where we are and how hectic our day will be, we get at least eight minutes of calm. Meditating reduces stress and clears our minds.

Second, meditating will change your life because it’s the first exercise for overcoming limiting beliefs. Thoughts produce feelings, which produce actions, which produce results. But, it’s unconscious thoughts, not conscious thoughts, that produce our feelings.

If you unconsciously think that money is bad, you’ll unconsciously push money away. If deep down you don’t feel you deserve wealth or financial security, you’ll always be financially insecure.

Meditating will change your life. It has for us.

Log the total number of minutes you meditate each day at the bottom of your copy Living Fabulous Journal because there may be occasions when you meditate in the evening, too. It’ll help you unwind from your day and prepare you for bed.

2. Recite affirmations daily to change your life

After we meditate, one of us leaves the living room for our bedroom so we can each recite aloud and in first-person (I am, I believe, I have, etc.) our daily affirmations. We’ve already imprinted with meditation our unconscious minds with our vision of our best life. Affirmations create an audible imprint of our best life.

We repeat our affirmations for five minutes. We both have a short paragraph that we’ve memorized to repeat aloud. We occasionally switch them up, but we stick with the same affirmations until we’ve achieved one of our goals or our desires change.

Your affirmations should be personal to your hopes and dreams. They should be specific, clear and in first-person.

You don’t need to re-write your affirmations daily, though it wouldn’t hurt. Use the top section of the journal to write your affirmation. You may want to fill out several pages at one time to help memorize your affirmations.

3. List your daily goals to change your life

After we recite (emphatically) our daily affirmations, we pull up at our kitchen bar to list the most important things we want to accomplish that day. With a clear head and confirmation of our goals, we write down the most important actions for us to take that day to achieve the best life we during our meditation.

When we feel like we have too much to do, we practice “The One Thing” rule. The One Thing Rule asks, “What is the one thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?” This will likely not be “answer emails,” “attend unnecessary and unnecessarily long meetings,” “answer unscheduled phone calls,” or “browse Facebook.”

Use the One Thing Rule when listing your daily tasks every day on your journal, and watch your success.

4. Write down what you’re grateful for to change your life

The last morning ritual is to write down what we’re grateful for every day. With clarity and sense of peace, it’s easy to appreciate what’s going on in our lives, recently happened or will happen. If we get upset, angry or down, we have our daily gratitudes to reference to maintain a conscious and unconscious mentality of abundance.

When someone cuts us off on the highway, we refer to our morning gratitudes. When we spill our coffee, we think of our morning gratitudes. When we’re feeling stressed or depressed, we go to our morning gratitudes.

Some days are harder than others to list gratitudes. But, this exercise challenges you to change your mind subconsciously (inside) and your life consciously (outside), and that’s why we included it as one of the five steps.

5. Write down good things about every day before bed to change your life

Finally, when we go to bed, we list five things about that day that was good. This can be anything from drinking a delicious cup of coffee to closing a lucrative brand partnership. This makes our final thoughts every day positive. We have an easier time falling asleep, and we set the foundation for another good day.

To change your life you must change your subconscious mind.

The exercises on the Living Fabulously Daily Journal will help you change both. 

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