Day 7
Commitment to Fabulousness


Read: “Why You Must Socialize Your Debt Free Commitment”:

If you haven’t had this moment and are drowning in debt, you will. It’s that deep down, heartfelt knowing that this is enough. It’s that moment when your body and mind converge to change.

Ours came one Sunday evening when we were sitting on the dining room floor or our dark, dank basement apartment wondering why we weren’t as successful as we wanted or hoped to be. We had just admitted to each other how much credit card debt we each had, a grand total of $51,000. We were living naively, unconsciously and fabulously broke.

We were fed up! D.O.N.E.

What happened was more than a New Year’s resolution. It was a mental and physical shift to change. But, how do you stay committed to the change long after you’ve made the change, long enough to see the results of your change?


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