Day 7
Ready. Set. Go!

STEP 1: Day 7 Worksheet

You’ve made it! Congrats. You’re on the last and most important day. We’d love to say that after six days, you’re debt free. But, this is the start of a journey. The 7-Day Debt Freedom Challenge is just the beginning. As with any journey, you need to be prepared. You need to pack your bags, get your map and head in the direction of your destiny.

So, we have one more step to help you pack your bags.

This tool will give you a basic financial snapshot of where you are today, so you can focus your attention on paying off your debt.

Click here and download the Day 7 worksheet Excel version.

Click here and download the Day 7 worksheet Numbers version.

STEP 2: Thank You!

Once you’ve finished step 1 above, click here.


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