Day 5
Where Does All Your Money Go?

STEP 1: Download Honeyfi

Tools make our lives easier. One tool we love for a basic budget and spending tracker is Honeyfi.

Click the image below to download.

Then connect all your banking and credit card accounts to monitor your transactions categories.

STEP 2: Create Habits

Set a reminder on your phone to check your transactions on Honeyfi on the 1st and 15th of the month. Hey, it’s a robot app, not all your transactions will go to the categories you think best.

STEP 3: Bonus Time!

Here’s a bonus for those who purchased the workbook. Start saving $25 to $100 more a week!

See the grocery list, menu and recipes. Make any slight modifications as you see necessary and start planning your week. When we changed our dining out and grocery habits, we saved over $20,000 a year to put toward our debt.

To purchase the workbook with the above bonuses, click here.

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