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Meet the Lion Chad Nash

  June 22, 2016  |    #Live Fabulously

The Queer-os Series

The Debt Free Guys™ are inspired by other people’s stories. They inspire us and inform what we should do and sometimes what we shouldn’t do to improve our own lives. The Queer-os Series will highlight successful LGBTQ people, whom we consider heroes in our community because they live by the beat of their own drum and are making amazing music. Our inaugural Queer-o is Chad Nash.

Who Is Chad Nash?

Chad Nash hails from Blue Springs, Missouri. He started his first business of mowing lawns and shoveling snow at the ripe old age of 8. This would be the first of many businesses of his. Chad studied computer science at Missouri Southern State University. He is also the CEO and founder of both Data Springs and Inner Lion. Chad has been traveling the world for the last 24 months with no end in sight. He’s also currently preparing to launch iScubaToo, a diving app that puts in one place your dives, other divers, new dive spots and more.



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Meet the Lion, Chad Nash

Chad joins us from, Lisbon Portugal. This Queer Money™ was recorded at 10 AM MDT and 5 PM Western European Summer Time.

After graduating college, Chad started in the corporate world, which eventually took him to San Diego CA.

Chad established monthly, recurring income that supports his year-over-year travel. According to his definition, he’s not fabulously wealthy. He just travels strategically. Chad shares great tools to help our followers live the same lifestyle if they choose. Chad’s exchanged a mortgage payment and car payments to travel the world.

Being gay in a small town forced Chad Nash to ask questions about his beliefs or what he was taught. He was told being gay is wrong and new internally he wasn’t bad. This conflict made him ask other questions, such as could he build his own business, could he move out of the small town, could he travel the world. These aren’t questions many of those who take the traditional path ask.

The combination of the “happy go lucky” ethos instilled by his mother and watching people working hard in Missouri and struggling while having a casual work ethic in San Diego and being successful showed him the results of the Law of Attraction. “Like attracts like and that unto itself is drawn.”

Chad’s had unsuccessful businesses, but views them all positively because he’s learned something from every venture. He’s always either winning or learning, never failing. “The lighter we can be, the easier on ourselves and everyone else we can be, that’s when the good stuff flows. When we make it hard, it’s hard.”

One of Chad’s habits is daily meditation. As a habit, he’s very in tune with his emotions. Meditation may be quiet reflection, listening to motivation speakers or exercising gratitude. On the flip side, Chad avoids those with a victim mentality and mainstream media.

Whatever your endeavors, keep the energy positive. Keep the energy exchange high and don’t deplete it. “The sun comes up every day for you.”

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