It’s time to pay off your credit card debt for good and start living the life you’ve always wanted!

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Put thousands of dollars back in your pocket

Do you ever wish you had more money? How about more money for travel, for retirement, for building your best life?

We did too.

As a newly dating couple, we felt the pressure to keep up with our friends, to go to all the happy hours, to travel to great destinations and to always look like we walked off the pages of Out or Details magazines. We wanted a fabulous life.

Yet, we were living a fabulously broke life because we were doing all the fabulous things with credit cards. We eventually got to a point that the credit card bills were holding us back rather than giving us a fabulous life and things needed to change.

That’s when our simple and effective credit card pay off system was born.

$51,000 in under 3 years

Hey there, were John & David!

Because we know what it’s like to be drowning or even just up to your knees in debt, we had a massive $51,000 in credit card debt, we want to help people just like you break free from financial enslavement.

We’ve seen first hand the feelings of hopelessness, fear, anxiety and worthlessness that come with struggling financially. You don’t need to live like that. We created a system for ourselves that allowed us to pay off all that credit card debt in less than three years. We don’t want to keep that to ourselves, so we're sharing it with you and the millions of others who struggle every day with the burden of credit card debt.

Our lives changed immensely after we started paying off our debt and so will yours.

  • We started to spend on things that made us happy
  • We set up rewards and celebrated as we reached financial milestones
  • We’ve since been able to travel to Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, England, Mexico and Spain twice, all because we are no longer paying massive fees on our credit cards
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The step-by-step that will change your life

Credit Card Pay Off Course
  • Videos – For each step, you will get a video as a simple guide to what you can do to achieve success at every level of the course
  • Reading – We’ve boiled the necessary information down into short, to the point packages of reading that drive home the value of each step and what you need to do to make it work for YOU
  • Checklists – Along the way we provide you with a simple checklist of steps to take that keep you on track and motivated
  • Spreadsheets and Calculators – We created simple Excel spreadsheets and calculators with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials that will empower you with the information and numbers to not only slay your debt but put you on the path to financial freedom and wealth
  • Custom Credit Card Pay Off Facebook group allowing you to ask questions and engage with others like you trying to pay off their credit card debt
  • Weekly Facebook Lives in the group above to answer your questions and to keep you motivated to DO IT!


We guarantee that if you complete all five units and implement each step that you will see financial progress and that you will start to pay off your credit card debt. Will it be immediate? Of course not, it took us three years to pay off $51,000. If you commit to stop adding to your credit card debt by controlling your spending and enact the steps that are provided, then we will refund your purchase 100%. (Click to see the full guarantee)

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All your questions answered

How long does it take?

The course is completely self-paced, which allows you to make progress based on your individual needs. At the bare minimum, we encourage you to allot five weeks to watch the videos, read the material and complete the worksheets. Although, if you are committed, you will start to see improvement in your financial state within the first week.

Will it work for me?

The saying goes, “Nothing worth having comes for free.” Now I think we can all think of a few exceptions to that rule, but the truth is, financial independence and breaking free from enslavement to credit cards is going to take some effort on your part. The more you apply the material the faster you will see progress.

Who shouldn’t take the course?

This course is not designed to help you discharge your debt and never have to pay for it. The fact is that most of us have credit card debt because we bought something, we wanted but didn’t have the cash to pay for it. You wouldn’t like it if your boss didn’t pay you for your hard work. This course is for those who are ready to stop anchoring their future earnings to their past purchases and start living a fabulous not fabulously broke life.

What if I don’t have the money to take the course?

The average American household pays roughly $1109 per year in credit card fees and interest. Can you afford not to? We provide you with some quick wins to help cut your outflow of cash to credit card companies and give you some great ways to start making some money so you can cover the costs of the course and pay off your debt faster.

Why do you charge for the course? Shouldn’t it be free?

Sure, some of the information we provide can already be found online. Even on our website. Yet, we’ve spent hundreds of hours compiling and thousands of hours putting this information into practice, as well as testing it with others. We are now gathering all that together into one convenient place with an effective step-by-step process to help you achieve financial success. You wouldn’t expect to do your work for free and neither do we.

Ready to shed the emotional & financial burdens of debt?