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6 Smart Money Tips for Creating a Long-Term Financial Plan

  February 15, 2014  |    #Tools

The French writer and poet Antoine Marie Jean-Baptiste Roger said, “A goal without a plan is a wish.” Aside from not knowing who that guy is, he had a point. Without a plan for achieving your goals, you will only accomplish them through pure luck if you accomplish them at all. This is an arbitrary strategy. With the tepid economy, high unemployment and increased costs for everything competing for your hard-earned dollars, not having a plan can guarantee financial failure and that sucks. 

6 Keys for a Short-Term Financial Few People Know

  February 12, 2014  |    #Tools

Continuing with our rocks, pebbles and sand analogy from Monday, today we will discuss your pebbles or short-term financial goals and how they relate to your long-term goals. Just as Mariah Carey supports Nick Cannon, your short-term financial goals support your long-term financial goals.