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Teaching Kids About Money

  November 16, 2013  |    #Make Money

Here are some insights for teaching kids about money.  Consider how hard it is to get adult Americans to plan for retirement, then consider how far off any financial milestone seems to kids.  It’s no wonder most financial literacy programs don’t work.  Many freshman in high school find it hard to fathom college let alone …

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7 Vintage Money Saving Tips

  November 15, 2013  |    #Make Money

Here’s a list of 7 “vintage” money savings tips.  Some of these are quite fun, actually.  We mostly buy whole chicken because of the savings benefit and the ability to use most of the parts.  The bones are great for making soup stock.  We, also, reuse our sandwich and other bags, tinfoil and tea bags.  …

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Are You Making a Costly W-4 Mistake?

  November 11, 2013  |    #Make Money

refund, those are nice words, aren’t they? We all love getting money,
especially at tax time. No one likes finishing their taxes and finding they owe
Uncle Sam money they don’t have. Are you making a costly mistake when it comes
to getting a tax refund?