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This Is Why Companies Should Allow More Telecommuting

  November 6, 2013  |    #Make Money

Drivers lose eight working days a year due to traffic.  Business miss a lot of opportunities with their employees sitting in traffic and, then, calming down once they actually get to work. Sign up for our twice monthly newsletter and get our eBook Do You Know How to Be #MoneyConscious? for FREE! Name: Email:

Be a Money Conscious Landlord

  November 5, 2013  |    #Make Money

The two of us were talking last night and agreed that fundamentally, owning and renting real estate is still a good investment when it’s done by “traditional means”.  What are traditional means? Buy a diamond in the rough in a good location (walkability, schools, transportation, etc.) Putting 20%+ down on a loan Getting a loan with …

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