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How To Be a Financially Successful Married Couple

  April 18, 2016  |    #Make Money

Financially Successful Gay Couple On this Queer Money™, we talked about how to be a financially successful married couple. With marriage equality comes financial responsibility. How can engaged gay couples prepare for financial challenges? How can gay newlyweds position themselves to be financially successful? Financially Successful Married Couple Video Financially Successful Married Couple Guest Dave …

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The Real Reason for Income Inequality

  April 17, 2016  |    #Make Money

Income Inequality In 2012, the Center for Economic Policy Research issued findings from a study that highlighted the growing disparity of income inequality. The study showed that if the minimum wage kept up with the pace of productivity from 1968 through 2012, the same as it did from 1945 through 1968; the minimum wage would …

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