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Investing 101: 2 More Rules Stock Trading Rules

  March 23, 2015  |    #Make Money

A couple of weeks ago, we started a two-part series about stock trading rules to educate our readers of potential trading violations they, their broker or financial advisor can cause. Trading violations can happen by mistake, so hopefully this series eliminates those mistakes for you. 

The following trading violations pertain to margin trading violations. 

Investing 101: 4 Stock Trading Rules

  March 9, 2015  |    #Make Money

If you only watched the news, you might think there are no rules on Wall Street. This, in fact, is not true. There are a lot of rules on Wall Street, maybe even too many. Quite honestly, it’s hard to keep up with all the rules, the various ruling bodies and all their changes. Some say, this makes it hard to enforce the rules that exist. That may or may not be by design.

The Economics of Killing the Golden Goose

  February 23, 2015  |    #Make Money

We recently started following and engaging with #QU4ARK, a radio show on WIRN: World Internet Radio Network, and have been asked by two of the hosts about money and economic sustainability. When I thought about this, I was reminded of Aesop’s fable, The Goose with the Golden Eggs, and how it parallels what’s happening today in the US and in many other developed countries. 

Careers 101: The Choice of Two Futures

  February 9, 2015  |    #Make Money

I’ve always been fascinated by science fiction stories. I love the tales that take place in future utopian or dystopian worlds. One theme that strikes me as odd and often appears in sci-fi is the dichotomy between classes. The upper class is often portrayed in their high-rise buildings reaching into the upper atmosphere, living on vast satellites that orbit earth or a far off planet. On the other hand, the underbelly of society is portrayed living in trashed buildings or sewers and gutters underground. 

Investing 101: 3 Things You Should Know about Cash and Cash Equivalents

  January 14, 2015  |    #Make Money

This is our fifth post in our series about investment types. 51 percent of Americans didn’t save for retirement in 2014. Their reason for not investing? They didn’t know enough about investing to invest. We hope to help fix that with this series.

So far, we’ve discussed stocks, mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and bonds. In this, our last week, we’ll discuss cash and cash equivalents.


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