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Our NSE Weekend Get-a-Way

  September 1, 2014  |    #Live Fabulously

Last weekend I surprised David with a weekend trip to Winter Park, CO, a mountain and ski town about 78 miles west of Denver. It’s our favorite mountain because it maintains a small town feel and isn’t too touristy. 

As we maintain a debt free lifestyle, we must be #moneyconscious even when we treat ourselves. 

What We Learned On Our 30 Day Challenge

  August 25, 2014  |    #Live Fabulously

While everyone from Oprah to Britney to the CNBC staff and even my ex girlfriend has accepted and participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge, we did our own challenge. Our challenge focused on being more productive, reducing our expenses and being healthier. We decided to go thirty days without a single drink of wine, beer or liquor. Yikes! That was more shocking to our system than any bucket of ice could be. We’ve done cleanses before when we went two weeks without drinking, but 30 days is the longest we have gone without drinking since our teens or twenties (David was a late bloomer). What we learned was interesting and valuable for us, so we thought we’d share.