GoBankingRates.com Video Contest

The Debt Free Guys have only recently ventured into the videosphere. I mean, iMovie isn’t even really our friend yet. That’s why we were surprised and humbled (it just seems like the right time to use that word) when the awesome people of GoBankingRates.com asked us to submit contributions for their video contest at FINCON 

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Monday Money Minute: Money Chunking

Monday meets money chunking On this Monday Money Minute, one of our first videos ever, David shares our money chunking hack. Money chunking will make today’s paycheck last until you get your next paycheck. Note: This article contains affiliate links. This means we’ll receive a small commission at no cost to you if you buy 

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529 Plans: A #MoneyConscious Parent Prelude

The financial services firm Edward Jones released findings from their annual 529 Plan Awareness Survey last week. Disappointingly, 529 Plan awareness has fallen nationally for the third year in a row. This is concerning because of the escalating costs of college. 

Edward Jones’ study follows Sallie Mae’s “How America Saves for College 2014” study released last month. The findings from Sallie Mae’s study showed that only about half of American families are saving for college. 45 percent of families that are saving for college are doing so in a standard savings account. You know that account that earns you a fraction of a fraction of the return your bank earns by lending out your money to others.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint. Namaste.

Next Sunday’s Denver Colfax Marathon is my first run of the year. This made us think about how the similarities between reaching financial and fitness goals strike us as ironic. Neither is easy and both require the adoption of similar mindsets. Today we will share how the mindset of training for marathons is helpful for achieving long-term financial goals.

A Dinero Detox Will Make You Skinny & Rich

In addition to being money conscious, we’re both health conscious. My father bought me a weight bench and free weights when I was fourteen. We created a make-shift gym in the garage. I’ve been working out ever since. Since we’ve been together, we both have done several different exercise programs and followed several food trends. We both maintain consistently good health, so these changes are less about finding something that works than keeping it fresh. We get bored doing the same routine all the time. Mixing it up keeps us motivated to continue working out.