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New Ways to Access and Analyze Credit Scores

  November 5, 2013  |    #Eliminate Debt

In addition to going directly to Experian, Transunion Equifax and, you can now go through FICO Score Open Access Lender to request your credit score information.  Open Access will highlight the “two most important factors impacting your credit score”, which is helpful if you’re trying to improve your credit score. Before applying for any …

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Owning a Home May Reduce Car Insurance Rates

  November 5, 2013  |    #Eliminate Debt

Learn how owning a home may reduce your car insurance.  Home ownership demonstrates a sense of financial maturity, thereby calculating that you’re not a risky customer.  As always, do your research and shop for rates.  Be money conscious and smart. SharePinTweetFlipShare0 Shares

Separate Business from Friendship

  November 4, 2013  |    #Eliminate Debt

all been there.  We walk into a bank to
apply for a loan, such as a home or car loan. 
We barely walk in the door and the greeter says with a friendly smile,
“How may I help you?”  After we share why
we’re there, the greeter says, “Let me get someone to help you.”  After a few minutes and enough time to make
you think the person you’ll meet is somewhat important, the banker comes around
the corner, introduces themselves and says, “I hear you need help with a
loan.  I can assist.”  We walk into their office where they offer
coffee and donuts and we start discussing needs, loans, terms and
conditions.  Throughout the process the
banker is friendlier than our best friend. 
Once we sign the loan agreement and receive the follow up information in
the mail, the relationship seems to change. 
What happened?