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Home Equity: The Lessons We Learned

  May 27, 2014  |    #Eliminate Debt

We want to give you an adjustment. The adjustment is with your understanding of home equity. You see, many of us have been led to believe one thing about home equity when the reality is acutely different. This misinformation, if not an outright lie, puts you and your family in a precarious situation that could lead to financial disaster. 

Why We Wish "Neighbors" Had Bombed Last Weekend

  May 14, 2014  |    #Eliminate Debt

We like Seth Rogen and Zac Efron. They’re both decent character actors and Rogen is funny. We’ve seen a number of his movies. Efron, in our opinion, is for teenagers and cougar moms. 

We love a good movie, too, especially those that really make us laugh. We just feel Neighbors, like most college-themed movies Hollywood pumps out anymore, delivers an unhealthy message to its target audience. Future and current college students are bombarded by Hollywood’s skewed image of the college life. 

Clans Crushed by College Costs – How You Can Prepare!

  April 21, 2014  |    #Eliminate Debt

American families are not sufficiently nor correctly saving for college. That is MarketWatch’s Catey Hill’s assessment of Sallie Mae’s “How America Saves for College 2014” study. This causes us great concern because, as tuition costs continue to escalate, future undergraduate and graduate students and their families will fall even further behind than they are today.