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5 Effective Ways to Fight Spending Triggers

  September 3, 2019  |    #Eliminate Debt

Overcoming spending triggers One episode of Friends shows half the group able to afford expensive things, while the other half can’t. Ever been there? Here are the 5 best ways to avoid those spending triggers. Fighting spending triggers like a budget superhero: Kicking out spending triggers On this Queer Money®, we’re sharing 5 effective ways …

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7 Thinking Errors That Sabotage Success

  August 27, 2019  |    #Eliminate Debt

How our thinking errors about money destroy us Depressed about your money sitch? Got a bad relationship with money? These are the results of thinking errors. Learn which are affecting you and how to overcome them with a FREE copy of 7 Thinking Errors That Prevent Financial Success available here when you sign up for the …

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