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Queer Money™: Gay Weddings

  March 3, 2016  |    #Eliminate Debt

Gay Weddings On episode 2 of Queer Money™, we discussed how perfect gay weddings don’t have to ruin perfect gay marriages. Gay Weddings Video [iframe id=”” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”] Queer Money™ Sponsor Gay Weddings Guests Amiee Palifroni owns Prisma Weddings & Events in Denver CO that specializes in lesbian and gay weddings. Jessica Ozar is a freelance writer in Atlanta GA whose …

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Queer Money™: Gay Spending, Are We Overcompensating?

  February 25, 2016  |    #Eliminate Debt

Gay Spending; Do We Overspending to Overcompensate? On our premier episode of Queer Money™, we discussed gay spending habits and the question of overspending to overcompensate. Does the LGBT community spend more than our straight peers and if so, is there a reason why? Overspending to Overcompensate Highlights [iframe id=”” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes”] See the full …

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