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Queer Money™: Who’s Paying for Your Gay Wedding?

  April 28, 2016  |    #Eliminate Debt

Paying for Your Gay Wedding On this Queer Money™, we talked about how to finance your gay wedding. How can gays and lesbians adapt when the traditional model doesn’t work? Paying for Your Gay Wedding Video [iframe id=”” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” grow=”yes”] Queer Money™ Sponsors HIVSmart.Org Paying for Your Gay Wedding Guest William S. Matthews is a …

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Queer Money™: Queer Cities

  April 16, 2016  |    #Eliminate Debt

Queer Cities On this Queer Money™, we compared first, second and third-tier cities for the queer community. Are top-tier queer cities, such as NYC, Chicago and LA, better homes for the queer community than second and third-tier queer cities, such as Pittsburg, Denver and Atlanta? Queer Cities Video As they say in show business, “The show must go on!” …

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Why Gay Dating Is So Expensive

  March 17, 2016  |    #Eliminate Debt

Gay Dating On this Queer Money™, we talked about the financial costs of the gay dating scene. Historically the queer community has waited longer than our straight peers to settle down. Now, GenXers and Millennials are delaying marriage. What are the financial repercussions of perpetual dating in general and never-ending gay dating specifically? To have …

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