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5 Basic Steps to Become Debt Free You Haven’t Taken

  November 15, 2018  |    #Eliminate Debt

Very often an event triggers our desire to make a dramatic life change. Whether it’s New Years that motivates us to finally shed those ten pounds or a certain birthday that inspires us to check off bucket list items, there’s a trigger.

Quite often, as it pertains to money, there’s a trigger that inspires us to cut back spending or pay off debt. 

Paying Off Credit Card Debt for Good!

  September 4, 2018  |    #Eliminate Debt

Paying off credit card debt The 25-34 demographic identified ‘paying off debt’ as their number one financial concern. Hear three gay men’s stories of paying off credit card debt for good and join us in becoming debt free by clicking here. 3 gay men’s’ stories of paying off credit card debt for good: Paying off …

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