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Money Masters: Cash the Checks

  October 10, 2014  |    #Eliminate Debt

Our Money Master this week is Edwin of Cash the Check (and many other sites). What we love about Edwin’s site is its diversity. Edwin covers topics that go from money management to work related tips to income taxes. His site is a one-stop shop for all things personal finance. Edwin has a pragmatic, down to earth approach about personal finance. This is quite refreshing.

One of our favorite posts of his is from last summer, “The Six Warning Signs of Emotional Spending”. We believe that emotion often plays too much of an unrealized role in the way people manage, or don’t manage, their money. We love how he calls out the emotions of shopping to avoid acknowledging money troubles. This often happens because we convince ourselves that if the credit card company lets us buy more; our financial problems can’t be all that bad.

From reading other posts of Edwin’s on Cash the Checks or any of his other sites, you get a strong sense of his entrepreneurial spirit. This is inspiring and motivational. As we often say, it’s imperative to diversify income steams in this economy to get ahead. Edwin gives a real-life example of this.

1. What’s your story?

My name is Edwin and I’m in my early 30’s. I’ve been blogging for over a decade now. I have quite a few blogs, but my main ones are Cash the Checks, Stack the Chips and Save the Bills.

I’ve always struggled with whether I should create one big site or have a bunch of smaller ones. So I’ve compromised and now just concentrate on those 3 main blogs of mine.

To me, it’s a business and what drives me is making money. If I end up helping people save or make money along the way, then it’s a win-win situation.

2. What’s your point of view?

I like to go against the grain so sometimes my opinions are unconventional and controversial. I see that there are two sides to every story, and I seem to be more attracted to playing devil’s advocate whenever I have the chance.

I’ve written about things like the advantages of using credit cards, why renting is better than owning a home and why tipping should be banned.

Having unconventional views seems to spark up more debate and interaction on my blogs.

3. Please share one piece of advice for our readers?

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Your biggest expense will be your rent or mortgage. You can try and cut back on expenses like food, clothing and utility bills, but you can’t change your monthly house payment.

This is why it’s important to pick a place to live that you can comfortably afford. I believe it’s better to live in a modest home and have lots of money than to live in a luxury home and be struggling to make ends meet.

Check out all of Edwin’s sites, Cash the Checks, Stack the Chips and Save the Bills. Sign up for his newsletters or his RSS feeds so that you don’t miss a post. We promise you’ll be glad you did.

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