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Why Even Unicorns Need Business Insurance

  March 20, 2018  |    #Make Money

Business insurance for small business owners

Even a blogger in their PJs has risk – it’s less risk than a landscaper, but an unhappy client or threat of copyright infringement are risks nonetheless. That’s why every entrepreneur needs business insurance.

The new good news about business insurance

Pogo Insurance is making it easy to secure business insurance coverage—and it’s a lot less messy than you think.

Hannah and Jade Sullivan are the co-founders of Pogo, a commercial business insurance platform for small businesses that compares quotes from top business insurance companies to find customers the best price for the most appropriate coverage. With its simple online form, most entrepreneurs and freelancers can get insured in about an hour.

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Hannah and Jade met in the business program at the prestigious VCU Brandcenter Master’s program, and they’re driven to simplify the insurance process for the growing demographic of self-employed workers in the gig economy.

Hannah and Jade explain why they chose the insurance industry and the challenge of innovating in a long-established space. They discuss what they have learned as entrepreneurs, how they have dealt with ‘emotional whiplash’ and the benefits of working together as a married couple.

Topics covered about Pogo and business insurance

Hannah’s introduction to entrepreneurship

  • Both parents are entrepreneurs
  • Addicted to ‘finding gigs’

Jade’s entrepreneurial role model

  • A single mom was super-hustler

Why Hannah and Jade chose the insurance industry

  • Master’s in business and art direction/creative tech
  • Creative and strategic, problem-solving

The basics of the Pogo platform

  • Commercial insurance for small business
  • Free service compares policies from top companies
  • Liability, workers’ comp, property, auto, etc.

Pogo’s connections in the insurance industry

  • Hannah’s dad has established influence

Making something better vs. creating something new

  • Obsessed with Shark Tank, inventions
  • Serve better by improving an existing process

The challenges of innovating in an established industry

  • ‘It just isn’t done that way’

What Hannah & Jade have learned as entrepreneurs

  • Let go of ego, be okay with change/imperfection
  • Figure out new things every day

The benefits of working together as a couple

  • Always rooting for each other
  • Pressure, responsibility distributed

A day in the life of Hannah & Jade

  • Up early to coffee, discuss goals
  • At work by 7 am to blast Spotify
  • Opportunity to work abroad

The mistakes Hannah & Jade have overcome

  • Obsessing, perfectionism
  • Emotional whiplash

Why business insurance is important for freelancers

  • All businesses come with risks
  • Not expensive for small operations
  • Non-physical (unhappy clients, copyright infringement)

The benefits of using Pogo

  • Ten minutes to fill out a simple form
  • Only one hour to receive a quote online
  • Tax-deductible (cost of doing business)

Hannah & Jade’s goals for Pogo

  • Make accessible to everyone, expand quickly
  • Specialty products, profession-based packages
  • Streamline the process with the best technology

Connect with Hannah & Jade

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