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Too Much? 4 Tips for Being Content.

  November 5, 2013  |    #Live Fabulously

Yesterday I went to Batteries Plus to get specialized
batteries for our garage door remote and our bathroom scale.  The sales rep was already assisting someone,
so I attempted to find what we needed on my own.  The store is small, so it’s easy to overhear
conversations.  The woman being helped needed
a light bulb.  I didn’t get the full
context of the conversation because I walked in midway through it.  However, the sales rep was clearly confusing
her with all her options for a light bulb. 
The woman could choose amongst different watts, tones, colors, energy
efficiency and price.  As he was detailing
the uniqueness of each option, I laughed.

Be a Money Conscious Landlord

  November 5, 2013  |    #Make Money

The two of us were talking last night and agreed that fundamentally, owning and renting real estate is still a good investment when it’s done by “traditional means”.  What are traditional means? Buy a diamond in the rough in a good location (walkability, schools, transportation, etc.) Putting 20%+ down on a loan Getting a loan with …

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New Ways to Access and Analyze Credit Scores

  November 5, 2013  |    #Eliminate Debt

In addition to going directly to Experian, Transunion Equifax and, you can now go through FICO Score Open Access Lender to request your credit score information.  Open Access will highlight the “two most important factors impacting your credit score”, which is helpful if you’re trying to improve your credit score. Before applying for any …

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