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What We Can All Learn from James Franco

  February 15, 2014  |    #Live Fabulously

After The Bronco’s miserable loss last night, today is hard for The Debt Free Guys™.  For two weeks, we anticipated Super Bowl Sunday.  Our whole day yesterday was about preparing for the big game.  We did our grocery shopping early before most people woke up and before church let out.  We cleaned our condo and prepared our food for the week and, then, prepared our snacks for the game.  

As some of you may know, today starts our second week of doing The Conscious Cleanse.  Therefore, our snacks yesterday couldn’t be our typical football fare.  We needed organic, non-processed, vegetable and fruit based snacks.  We made lemon and salt kale chips, cumin kale chips, cumin carrot sticks, cucumber hummus and garlic hummus, crudités and a fruit salad.  We’re sure many are aghast at our spread of food, but everything was tasty, healthy and allowed us to continue into our second week of a two-week cleanse.

Our point is that we were ready for a good game.  Of course, we hoped for a win.  We, also, knew that The Seahawks are good and we, at least, expected an exciting game.  As we all know now, that was not the case.  This is too bad for The Denver Broncos.  Congratulations to The Seattle Seahawks.

11 Ways to Teach Kids About Money on Snow Days

  February 15, 2014  |    #Tools

Between last month’s polar vortex and this month’s ongoing snow storm, many parents are feeling the stress of having their children home from school day in and day out.  By now, kids are getting tired of playing in the snow because it’s no longer a novelty.  Mom, Dad and the babysitter have run out of ideas to keep kids busy other than watching mind numbing TV or playing borderline inappropriate video games.  It’s understandable.  After hearing screaming kids for four straight days, Grand Theft Auto doesn’t sound so bad.  
With kids missing so many days of school, when will they learn anything?  What will happen to their brains with so many breaks from school?


#MoneyConscious MashUp for Friday, February 7, 2014

  February 15, 2014  |    #Uncategorized

We’re taking a consolidated approach with our aggregate articles to help our readers be money conscious. We strongly believe that it’s in everyone’s best interest to be aware of what is going on in the economy and the markets around them regardless of whether you invest in stocks or not or whether you’re an attorney or a fashion designer. What’s going on in the financial world has a direct impact on your job and career, your loans, the things you buy and more. 

Contrary to what someone suggested earlier this week, we’re not “market-timers”. We don’t believe or suggest that you can predict the best time is to buy or sell a stock, home or car. It’s impossible. What is possible is to be aware, to be conscious of how the current environment affects you. Granted, if you must to buy a house, buy a house. We just think it’s in your best interest to be educated about the housing market so you know what you’re getting into and you have leverage to negotiate a good deal. If you can’t get a good deal, you’ll know when to walk away.