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You May Lose Your Job to Robots

  January 16, 2014  |    #Make Money

The Robots are Coming, the Robots are Coming! In 2005, Daniel H. Pink released A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future.  In it, he describes that the Agricultural Age, Industrial Age and Information Age will be followed by the Conceptual Age.  In the Conceptual Age, because of “Asia, automation (robots) and abundance”, …

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Identity Thieves Stealing Your Tax Refund

  January 14, 2014  |    #Make Money

43% of all identity theft complaints to the Federal Trade Commission in 2013 related to tax returns, up from 15% in 2010.  This kind of theft is not difficult.  All that’s needed is a Social Security Number (SSN) and some forged documents.   As we discussed last weekend, hackers and identity thieves are cross-referencing data …

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