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National Pi Day #MoneyConscious Mash Up

  March 14, 2014  |    #Uncategorized

Today is National Pi Day because it’s March 4th (3/14). Pi is an irrational number and this is an appropriate analogy for the stock market performance of recent years. Regardless of the world around it, the stock market has been resilient up until yesterday when news about Ukraine and China apparently caused the market to become as skittish as Piers Morgan talking about why America doesn’t like him. 

Who says Americans don’t care about geopolitics?

The Real Reason for Income Inequality in America: You Do Not Matter to the People Who Matter

  March 10, 2014  |    #Make Money

In 2012, the Center for Economic Policy Research issued findings from a study as shocking as any movie created by M. Night Shyamalan. 

The study showed that if the minimum wage had kept up with the pace of productivity from 1968 through 2012, the same as it did from 1945 through 1968; the minimum wage would have been $22 an hour. If the minimum wage had kept up with the pace of corporate executive income increases from 1968 through 2012, the minimum wage would have been $33 an hour. 

If even $22 an hour was the baseline for wages, it would increase the power of Americans to buy more of the products their employers sell, infuse more real money back into the economy, and improve the average American’s quality of life – your life.