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Something on a Stick Day #MoneyConscious Mash Up

  March 28, 2014  |    #Uncategorized

U.S. economic data proved to be a dichotomous rose again this week with a combination of both rosy and thorny news. While consumer confidence jumped the most since the recession from 78.3 in February to 82.3 in March after consumer spending was up 0.3 percent in February, the IBD/TIPP Poll shows that 65 percent of Americans (53 percent of Democrats, 77 percent of Republicans and 68 percent of Independents) feel America’s rose is losing its bloom. 

America’s Anti-Savings Policies: Because Your Government Makes Cheese

  March 26, 2014  |    #Make Money

America is the J. Wellington Wimpy of nations, as its government and its people will gladly pay its creditors on some elusive Tuesday in the future for everything it wants today. An economy based purely on consumption cannot stand. An overemphasis on consumption eventually eats up nations like hypocrisy and racism, ironically, ate up Paula Deen. History is replete with examples of empires falling, in part, because of the financial instability of their debt.

The 3 Money Magic Tricks

  March 24, 2014  |    #Make Money

Americans are not saving enough for retirement and are putting anything and everything ahead of this inevitable stage of life. Whether this is the fault of instant gratification, America’s anti-savings policies or because retirement seems too far in the future to plan for today is up for debate. Regardless of the reason, Americans are postponing saving for retirement and missing out on the three money magic tricks of investing.