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Owning a Home May Reduce Car Insurance Rates

  November 5, 2013  |    #Eliminate Debt

Learn how owning a home may reduce your car insurance.  Home ownership demonstrates a sense of financial maturity, thereby calculating that you’re not a risky customer.  As always, do your research and shop for rates.  Be money conscious and smart. SharePinTweetFlipShare0 Shares

Early to Bed Early to Rise… Improved Our Budget

  November 3, 2013  |    #Eliminate Debt

The saying goes early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise, but does that mean anything for us today and for our budgets? 

The truth is this was specifically written about and for the agrarian lifestyle. If you were a farmer you had only so many hours in the day that you could work, and it was dictated by the sun. If a farmer stayed up late and slept in he could miss many valuable hours of his workday by sleeping them away. Less work would mean he would be less efficient, less efficient; less income.

Know Your Goals and Stick to Them

  October 31, 2013  |    #Live Fabulously

In 2006, we got the bug to stop renting and buy our own home.  Who didn’t, then, right?  Like most couples, we wanted a place of our own.  We first educated ourselves on the process and the real estate market in the Denver Metro Area.  We didn’t want to live far outside because this is a great location between our work, family and friends.


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