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How Blockchain Applications Can Help LGBT Folks

  July 6, 2021  |    #Make Money

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How blockchain applications can help LGBTQ people

Most of us associate blockchain with cryptocurrency. But blockchain applications are more than money. Hear how blockchain technology will work for you and the LGBTQ community. Plus, grab your free copy of the 5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life here.

Hear Kye explain blockchain applications 

Can the LGTBQ community benefit from this technology?

Kye Graden is a self-described globetrotting QryptoQueer, someone who is passionate about blockchain, cryptocurrency, or distributed ledger technology and identifies as part of the LGBTQIA+ community. They got into the blockchain tech industry five years ago as a result of being passionate about creating a more accountable, transparent, and equitable world. Kye was recently named one of the Top 100 FinTech for SDG Influencers, not to mention they are a member of StartOut, TransTech Social, and Out in Tech.

During this episode of Queer Money®, Kye shares with us a simple explanation of the blockchain’s distributed ledger technology. Describing how it is censorship-resistant and in fact, collectively owned. Above all, it can never be changed—and why that matters. They walk us through several use cases for blockchain tech. They discuss social justice together with the supply chain management applications that attracted them to the industry. Listen in for insight on the unique benefits the blockchain provides to the LGBTQ community. Find out how to connect with other QryptoQueers like Kye to learn more about the space!

“If technology is not always there to make our lives easier, how are we going to navigate this world?” - Kye GradenClick To Tweet

Topics covered on blockchain applications 

  • Kye’s simple explanation of the blockchain’s distributed ledger technology
  • The most important characteristics of the blockchain
  • Why it matters that blockchain transactions can never be changed
  • The social justice and supply chain management applications that attracted Kye to the blockchain industry
  • How collective ownership of the blockchain makes it easier to trust
  • What it means to run a node for the blockchain on your computer
  • The advantages of using blockchain technology to facilitate the voting process
  • How protecting anonymity inspired the creation of the blockchain
  • How the average consumer is likely to use blockchain technology (whether or not they realize it)
  • The unique benefits the blockchain provides the LGBTQ community
  • Why Kye has shifted away from buying services to negotiating an exchange
  • Where LGBTQ individuals can go to learn more about blockchain tech

Connect with Kye

Resources for leaning about blockchain

5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life

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