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3 Big Money Mistakes and How to Fix Them

  December 7, 2016  |    #Eliminate Debt

Is money the root of all evil? Is your gender, race, religion or sexual orientation keeping you from financial success? Who’s to blame for your financial struggles? On this Queer Money™, we talk with our friend and colleague, Bob Wheeler of The Money Nerve and Funny Money podcast about big money mistakes and limiting money beliefs.


We All Make Big Money Mistakes

Between our conscious and unconscious minds, we all make big money mistakes. It’s how we manage our conscious and unconscious thoughts that determine our financial success.

Many minorities, ourselves included, struggle with money. This is often because, as adults, we try to make up for feelings of inadequacy and inferiority from when we were younger. At a very young age, we start to adopt beliefs about ourselves and money.

We may be taught that talking about money is rude. We may hear or read that rich people are evil. We may pick up the impression that we shouldn’t get paid for work that we truly enjoy.

This is why we occasionally hear after a celebrity passes away that they died broke. It explains why some rich people are paranoid and why some rich people can’t get enough riches. It explains why some families have a heritage of poverty. It’s also why our culture believes those who do good work, such a social workers and teachers, shouldn’t make lots of money.

Many of these beliefs are impressions we unconsciously pick up in our formative years.

Big Money Mistakes Can Be Corrected 

Bob shares how we can learn what our personal limiting money beliefs are with exercises we can do alone, with someone else or in a group. He then shares thought-processes and exercises to help us overcome our limiting money beliefs.

When we identify, and replace our limiting money beliefs with a positive money mentality, we’ll stop making big money mistakes.

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Go from anxious to confident with your money. Crisis proof your finances here.