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The Financial Costs of Being Transgender

  October 12, 2016  |    #Eliminate Debt

Being Young and Being Transgender

Andi Tremonti, a female to male trans person, joins us on this episode of Queer Money™ to talk about being transgender and the financial costs of gender reassignment. Through the course of the conversation, we talk about what it was like for Andi being transgender and growing up in The Church of Latter Day Saints. Originally, Andi thought he was a lesbian and eventually realized he’s transgender.


The conversation starts with a discussion about the cognitive dissonance many queer kids experience growing up in a conservative or church-following household. With David growing up as a Jehovah Witness, he and Andi had similar experiences, including overcoming internal phobia.

Andi explains to us his process of coming out as transgender. He first found support through his friends and then found a gender-affirming therapist who helped him navigate his coming out. Andi shares the importance of not putting transgender people in a box. Some transgender people choose to not transition, some transition partially and some transition completely. We also discuss how the process of transitioning can take many years.

The Financial Costs of Being Transgender

Through the course of our discussion, we talk about financial costs of gender reassignment. We discuss the costs of using a gender-affirming therapist, the cost of medications and surgery. We discuss what’s covered under health insurance, what’s the responsibility of the transgender person and options transgender people have to fund their transition if they so choose.

Andi shares considerations about gender reassignment surgery that we hadn’t considered, some aspects that are more advanced and successful than others. All considerations are important to take into account before proceeding with such surgery.

Andi says that it’s imperative for trans people to understand the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and be prepared to push back on health insurers who may try to deny coverage they’re required to provide because of the ACA. It’s important, too, to know the synonyms used in health insurers’ fine print, such as “alternative relationships,” “gender identity” and “LGBTQ”.

Andi tells us the total costs of fully transitioning from female to male and the ongoing treatment that’s required. There are additional costs to legally changing one’s gender identity.

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Ready to shed the emotional & financial burdens of debt?