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Teach Yourself to Be Rich

  October 1, 2014  |    #Make Money

Getting Rich: How You Can Train For It

Being rich is what so many of us want. Why? Being rich has many definitions. For some, it defines success. For others, it means winning. It means freedom, responsibility or freedom from responsibility. For some, it means all of these things. What’s it mean for you?

Just the thought of being rich lets us daydream. We often say, “If only I was rich enough to (insert dream, goal or fantasy).”

Why aren’t you rich? What’s holding you back? Why aren’t you, at least, on the way to achieving riches? Kids become millionaires. We hear stories of millionaires today who went from rags to riches in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Then, there are those who attract riches late in life.

Why aren’t you rich?

Use Your Head

We recently watched a YouTube video about neural pathways. The more neural pathways are used the stronger they become, similar to muscles. It is neural pathways that allow the mastery of skills, such as playing the violin, playing basketball or doing math. We think of some of the greats, such as Michael Jordan, who didn’t qualify for his high school basketball team, and Bill Gates, who dropped out of Harvard.

The world’s greats built their neural pathways. They live, sleep and breathe their craft; think Tiger Woods or Serena and Venus Williams. In each case, these stars credit their parents for driving them to achieve. Each mastered their craft through repetition, practice and study.

The question then becomes, can this be done with money? The answer is yes! How? We must teach ourselves to be rich.

Rich Thinking

How do we teach ourselves to be rich? We, too, teach ourselves to be rich through repetition, practice and study. Every day wake up and tell yourself you are a winner. Get on your playing field and practice. Study the masters, living and dead, in your field.

Below are three key ways to teach yourself to be rich:

1. Think Rich

• Rich people think about financial growth. They learn the nuances of their business and industry. They’ve charted a clear path to success and use their time and energy efficiently. Is this you?

• Rich people don’t spend more than they make. They understand that in order to become and stay rich, they must earn more than they spend. Are you doing this?

• Rich people make their money work for them. Whether through investing in their business or the stock market, they know they must invest. Investing makes their money multiply by putting their money to work where they cannot physically be. Is your money working harder than you?

2. Be a Master

• Often the poor stay poor because they are either not skilled nor retain enough intellectual property to demand a higher salary. Mastery of a skill or thought is a commodity. When you master a skill or have proprietary knowledge, you can demand more money for your time and efforts. Of what are you the master? 

• Many of today’s rich are so because they were or are on the forefront of a technology or industry. Of what are you on the forefront?

3. Stay focused

• We often only see the rich playing. What we don’t see is their time spent mastering, building and discovering. Behind closed doors they put in the hours, not on the couch watching television, but rather in the office, in the lab or on the court. The rich don’t waste their time because it’s their most valuable asset. How do you spend your time?

• The rich constantly learn. They are curious and engaged. With the plethora of information available on the internet you can do the same. YouTube, Coursera, iTunes University and the internet in general offer numerous ways to learn and grow more in almost any area. What more can you learn?

Many of us dream of being rich. We want the comfortable and rewarding life. Getting there is the hard part, but it’s easier if we rewire our neurons to mimic the rich. Thinking like a champion and following these three steps will do just that.

“Rationality and emotional resilience work the same way. These are neural connections that can be strengthened. Whatever you are doing at any time, you are physically modifying your brain to become better at it.

Are you making excuses why you can’t be rich? Watch this video!

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