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Need Affordable Wine? Here’s 16 Under $16.

  December 28, 2015  |    #Live Fabulously

Affordable Wine to Try

Do you love wine, but hate to spend a fortune on it? We’ll save you time, confusion and money with our list of 16 favorite wines under $16 to add to your affordable wine list.


A good bottle of bubbly is a great way to ring in the new year. At other people’s homes, we love shaking a bottle and popping the top just as it hits midnight. We haven’t been to a New Year’s party in a few years, but we’re sure this is still a party winner.

1. La Marca Prosecco – $13

This is a citrusy bubbly that avoids being too dry with its touch of honey. It pairs nicely with cheese and fruit.

At $13, this is a cost-conscious bubbly we drink all year long. We’ll drink it alone or mix it with orange juice and a splash of pomegranate juice for a mimosa to impress the most critical of brunch guests.

2. Korbel Chardonnay – $12.99

This is a crisp, dry champagne that can stand alone. At $13, it won’t steal your cash, even if you need a few bottles for your New Year’s gig.

Winter Winners

It’s easier to survive winter with delicious and affordable wine. Below are six wines you’d likely see at our dinner table any night of the week.

3. Michael David Petite Sirah – $15

This affordable wine averages about $15. The label on the bottle is a circus and the taste in the mouth is a party. It’s full-bodied and smokey with hints of blackberries and blueberries.


4. Finca Torremilanos Montecastrillo Tempranillo – $11.99

With flavors like dark cherry, chocolate and coffee, this wine could replace all our after-dinner indulgences, except ice cream. We found this wine after we were introduced to the rose version last summer.

5. Di Majo Norante Sangiovese – $9.99

This dry and mellow, fresh and fruity wine was a staple at our Christmas dinner this year. After a few bottles of the expensive stuff, this affordable wine flowed through the night.

6. McMannis Pinot Noir – $8

At $8, this medium-bodied pinot lasts as long as your party. There’s no reason to waste the expensive stuff after you’ve had several bottles. Rather, break out this affordable wine to keep your guests and wallet happy.

7. Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon – $13.99

This cab moved into our lives when a Trader Joe’s moved into our neighborhood. Its organic so a hangover won’t cut into the next day. It’s delicious, full-bodied and pairs nicely with steaks and anything with a tomato sauce.

8. Bogle Zinfandel – $11

We tend to favor zins and this zin tends to be one of our affordable favorites. This is smooth with a long finish, and it has tastes of cocoa, vanilla and fall spices.

9. Albero Tempranillo – $9.99

This is another 100% organic, Trader Joe’s wine that sneaks into our home nightly. Organic wines tend to not cause hangovers, so this is a great weeknight wine that’s both delicious and affordable.

Boxed Wine

Today’s boxed wine is not your great aunt’s Franzia. Not only is boxed wine packaged better, but they taste better than ever and the variety has grown significantly over the last five years.

10. Pure Red Organic Boxed Wine – $21.99

“$22?!”, you say and we say, “Do that math.” Box wine typically yields four bottles of wine. We’re really talking $5.50 per bottle and one trip to the liquor store. You saves money on wine and gas.

We love boxed wine because you get more bang for your buck and it preserves nicely from night to night. This organic, affordable wine is medium-bodied with lot of fruit and a hint of pepper. It goes a long way both in taste and resources.

Summer Wine Favorites

We are reformed red wine snobs since we traveled to Australia and New Zealand a few years ago. We quickly learned down under that white wines have their place. Plus, our choice was to either embrace white wine or pay for extremely expensive cocktails, as Australia charges a very high liquor tax.

11. Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc – $11.99

This is a refreshingly light and crisp wine that pairs nicely with grilled foods in the summer.

12. Matua Sauvignon Blanc – $10.99

This sauv is clean and fresh with tropical fruit flavors. This affordable wine stands alone nicely and helps get us through the dry, Colorado heat.

13. Starborough Sauvignon Blanc – $12

This was the first white wine we tried in Australia. At about $12 a bottle, this crisp tropical wine’s place is in our wine rack.

14. Montecastrillo Tempranillo Rosado – $10.99

This is a perfect, summer rose that was introduced to us by a local restaurant for $33. Our local liquor store makes this an affordable wine at $11. Just as with the Montecastrillo Tempranillo under “Winter Wines” above, the grape is 100% Tempranillo, which is unique for roses. This is a dry rose that’s not too sweet, which makes it perfect for staying refreshed throughout the summer.

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Effervescent Wines

When we returned from down under and continued to experiment with white wines, we were introduced to wines with a slight effervescence. These are great wines for the summer, as they’re truly refreshing and quench the palate.

15. Casa Garcia Vinho Verde – $5.99

This affordable wine is slightly fruity and smooth. With its sparkle, it pairs nicely with fruit and traditional salads.

16. Berger Gruner Veltliner – $15.99

This wine is actually served in one-liter bottles. So, for $15.99, you’ll get 33% more than most of our above recommendations. With a slight mineral flavor, this light and affordable wine pairs nicely with fresh fish.

This our our must-try affordable wine list under $16. What wine recommendations do you have for us? We’re always happy to add to our wine selection.

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