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The Money Nerve Radio Show

As life-partners, we are now debt free. As business partners, we are The Debt Free Guys. We now combine our personal and professional experiences with money to help others be debt free, have fun and be money conscious through our blog, coaching, speaking, social media and books.

DFG on The Money Nerve Radio Show

Join us for our interview on The Money Nerve Radio Show with Bob Wheeler on Sunday, October 25th at 3pm PT/ 6pm ET.  We’re so excited to share our passion for helping others achieve financial success by living debt free, having fun and being money conscious. Listen live here. The Money Nerve Radio Show Dreamvisions 7 Radio: 

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Queer Money™ Week 1: Overspending to Overcompensate

Overspending to Overcompensate Show Description Do you overspend to overcompensate? Keeping up appearances is one of gay men’s pitfalls. We have been conditioned by society to think we are different and in some cases less than others. We try to overcompensate by spending more than our straight peers to take care of our bodies, buy name brand clothes, 

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