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Livin’ the Dream . . . Building It First

  May 21, 2014  |    #Make Money

Change abounds right now for the Debt Free Guys™, mostly in our non-Debt Free Guys™’ lives. Admittedly, most of our posts aren’t personal. I’m drawn towards economics, investing and money management. An ideal Saturday morning for me is picking up my Barron’s that’s dropped off outside our door and reading it from start to finish while drinking my morning coffee. Most personal finance bloggers are more personal. Today I’m breaking out of my shell.

We have taken a divide and conquer approach with our Debt Free Guys™ work. I have been spending much of my time pursuing our dream with Debt Free Guys™. The majority of our content has been created by me. I have been blogging, emailing, commenting, marketing, Tweeting, posting on Facebook, reaching out to our colleagues in the world of personal finance blogging and been holding the fort down at home. Who would have thought this would be a full time job?

David has been working full-time, paying our bills and putting food on our table. He has been handling much of the technical aspects of our website (I am a little technically challenged), feeding me with ideas for blog posts and articles for our freelance work and been an editor for much of what I have written. He is also a numbers guy, so he has been watching our stats from page views, site rankings and popular content. We want to know what connects with our audience.

Our dream is to live off of Debt Free Guys™ by helping people achieve their financial goals, whether it’s getting out of debt or preparing for retirement, through writing books, blogging and public speaking.

Naively, we first wrote a book, 4: The Four Principles of a Debt Free Life, and thought that was the hard part. Duh! Writing a book is the easy part. We received great responses from our query letters to traditional publishers, but when they found out that we didn’t have an established platform, they declined publishing our book. A platform, if you don’t know, includes any or all such things as blogs, Facebook followers, Twitter followers, previously sold books, radio, TV or Internet shows, etc. We had none of these.

Through a series of events, I became unemployed the day after my 40th birthday last September. This is why I have been spending my time building the Debt Free Guys™’ platform. This included, completing the final steps to self-publish 4.

We were hoping that through my efforts, we could publish 4 before the end of 2013. We hit a roadblock when David’s employer informed him that we couldn’t publish the book with his name on it because they viewed our book as a conflict of interest to his employment. Neither of us wants to proceed solo.

To keep up our momentum, we wrote the #MoneyConscious Student eBook and initially published it in my name only. We were planning a #MoneyConscious series anyway, so going with this book first works. In the meantime, David looked for another job, one that wouldn’t prevent him from publishing 4 and other books, such as the #MoneyConscious Parent. Well, the Universe responded. David was offered and accepted a position at a new firm where he starts next month. We are very excited.

Initially we planned to finally publish 4 this July. After a recent meeting with a PR firm that we may hire to further push our brand, we are up in the air again on a release date. Finally releasing 4 will be a major accomplishment for us. It’s been a labor of love for almost nine years, so our goal is to introduce it as soon as possible but at the wisest time. We hope that it’s well received. It’s very personal and we think it will be helpful to many who are mired in debt, especially credit card debt, similar to us in our early 30s.

To add to all our recent changes, a firm that initially reached out to me last August when I was still employed made me a job offer a couple of weeks back. After much deliberation, David and I agreed that I should take it. I’ve been interested in this firm since they first reached out to me and, apparently, the feeling was mutual. I started there last week.

Both of us starting new jobs at about the same time is exciting and stressful. We will continue to pursue Debt Free Guys™ with the same level of engagement and momentum that we have over the last several months. This will create a lot of work for us over the next few years. We have decided that this is worth it to achieve our long-term goal. The path to success is rarely direct or easy.

While we’re under no delusions that we don’t have our work cut out for us, we’re excited for all of these changes. It feels right and this is what we want. So, we embrace it.

As usual we are grateful to all of our friends, family and fans that continue to support us. You have driven our success in many ways. We love to hear from you and we appreciate the comments you leave on our blog, Facebook page and Twitter.

Stay connected and wish us luck!

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