Boom! Like the One Percent.

That’s right! Boom like the one percent! We all want to be able to drop it like it’s hot, whether it’s on a new car, house, our favorite store or charity. Being able to afford and share some of the nicer things in life is a goal for many, including the One Percent.

Think Like the One Percent

How do they do it? Many in the One Percent come from families who have had their wealth for decades and some have more recently established themselves. Either way, someone along the way put in the hours to build a business, write a program or sell their tail off to acquire an initial sum of money. Since then they or their family have put that money to work by being #MoneyConscious.

The One Percenters are masters at making their money work for them. They find ways to limit risk and get rewards, often they score double digit returns. The good news is that you can, too. For those of us just outside or way outside the One Percent sphere, it will take just a bit of work.

Come and Listen to a Story about a Man Named Jed

Here is an example of how many in the One Percent think. I used to be a broker who answered customer service calls at a financial services firm. One day I answered a call that would highlight to me how many in One Percent think. When the caller’s information popped onto my computer screen, I saw that he was well off; he had over $2 million in his account. He called to ask for a box of checks to be rushed to him. I ordered the checks and put in the request to have them express-delivered.

I informed him of the $7.50 express-delivery service charge. He asked me to waive the charge.  I initially did not want to do so. The fee was to cover the cost for the firm. After some slight back and forth, I looked up the revenue that the company generated from this client’s accounts. It was in the thousands. It made sense to waive the fee to avoid a poor customer service experience for a client that generated high revenue for the firm.

The point of the story is that many people who are rich are that way because they take the extra step to seek the discount, find the bonus or earn just a little more.

Get Your Toaster

Remember in the late 80’s and early 90s when AT&T, SBCGlobal and a myriad of other telephone companies gave out $50 checks to switch from one carrier to the next. Since 2000, credit card companies have bombarded credit card holders with amazing promotions to transfer credit card balances to them? This is your opportunity to earn big. The perks for balance transfers, time invested or account activity can earn you 10, 20 or even 40 percent.

So, do your research. Invest a little time and earn big!

Remember, though, that these banks do not exist to make you rich or provide you with huge returns. They exist to earn profits. Therefore, read the fine print and follow the rules. With a few clicks, you can take advantage of big returns with minimal risk.

The chart below shows a number of our favorite active offers. The linked list will take you to the respective offer page. Return monthly, as I will update it with new offers.

US Bank – S.T.A.R.T. Savings Program 

Chase Total Checking Account

Key Bank – Key Express Checking

PNC Virtual Wallet

BMO Harris Bank


Santander Extra20 Checking Account

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