Getting Back on the Wagon

 Buyer’s Remorse

It’s the time of year when credit card statements from the holiday season start arriving.  Along with the statements, comes the regret, remorse and the guilt for having spent so much money.  Even if you had a plan to not over-spend this year, you still may have.  Even though you may have already had a high credit card balances already, you may have added to it.  What to do? How do you get back on the wagon?

Here are some considerations.  In this day in age, most sales aren’t final.  You can often return items, as long as they’re not already worn, washed or damaged.  If returning items isn’t an option, they can always be sold on eBay or CraigsList.  And, if that’s not an option, they can always be donated to The Goodwill or similar store with the donations being used as a tax write-off. There are a number of ways to fix mistakes and get back on the wagon. Get back on the wagon today!


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