10 Things to Buy in Bulk

We agree with Kiplinger that these are 10 surprising things to buy in bulk.  Even though these suggestions save money, some are money conscious savings for the more-well-off.  Some are a bit morbid, but necessary.  Anyone at any stage of their life and in any income bracket can save and reap the benefits of living below your means and being money conscious.

  1. Airline Tickets
  2. Train Tickets
  3. Season Tickets
  4. Fruits and Veggies
  5. Prescriptions
  6. Gift Cards
  7. Child Care
  8. College Degrees
  9. Expedited Shipping Services
  10. Burial Plots

If you take advantage of these suggestions, try putting your savings towards more worthwhile causes such as retirement or an all-expense paid vacation with the bulk airline tickets you just bought.  Coming home from a vacation without having to write a check to pay it off is a great feeling. Click through to the Kiplinger slide show and see why. 

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